Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Featured Artist Part 2: Cards by Jenna

Being involved with Jewelry on Etsy Team has really allowed me to meet some wonderful shops and designers throughout the Etsy community. Recently, two teams, EtsyGreeting and Jewelry on Etsy Team, have collaborated for the month of July offering cross promotions of team shops. I have been fortunate enough to have been paired with two wonderful shops and today,
I would like to introduce Jenna from CardsbyJenna
Jenna's shop is filled with wonderful OOAK handmade greeting cards for all occasions. Each are meticulously crafted with great attention given to detail and presentation.

Question: Jenna, how did you first become involved with designing greet cards?
One day a long time ago, I had a birthday party to go to and went shopping for the gift and card. I didn't see anything I liked! It was at that point I figured I should just make my own. Since I am also a scrapbooker I had plenty of paper and supplies but just needed to figure out how to create a card. My cards started out very simple in design. After many experimental projects I found that stamping and embellishment type cards are my favorite to make. From then on out I always handmade my greeting cards. Not only was I giving someone a unique greeting card but it was always personalized. It always makes someone feel good to give them something hand made and from the heart.

Question: What sparks you imagination when creating your beautiful cards?
I am a paperholic. My imagination sparks and springs into action when I see something such as a stamp, sticker, paper pattern and so on. I can spend hours on design. I love color and matching papers. I do look at magazines every now and then for ideas however I do not copy the designs just because it takes the fun out of designing something myself.

Question: What do you find to be your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is probably space. My boyfriend and I currently live in a condo and even though it's a decent size for the two of us my craft supplies and materials are always thrown all over in the living room. I have a small desk and mainly use the coffee table to create my cards.

Question: What inspired your decision to become an Etsy Shop owner?
I found etsy through web surfing. Since I was making more cards than I could use I decided to set up a shop. I have been an etsy member since February of 2007 but didn't list many items. I was mainly trying to figure out if etsy was for me. I have been creating greeting cards for about 2 years now. Currently I work in the real estate industry as an agent. Before I had my license I worked as an admin in a real estate office. I would give the agents in my office their own personalized birthday card. I had much encouragement from my colleagues to sell my cards, and that is what I decided to do. Etsy is awesome and I would recommend anyone to use the site.




2 Responses to "Featured Artist Part 2: Cards by Jenna"
  1. free running said...
    July 18, 2008 at 9:37 AM

    I looked at some greeting cards and they are very good.

  2. shellydelight.etsy.com said...
    July 19, 2008 at 9:46 PM

    The monkey cards are adorable. I'll have to remember them when my nephew turns one.



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