Saturday, August 9, 2008

Etsy checkout confusing to New Etsy buyers

I have experienced something new today and don't quite know how to handle.
I sold two items last night from my Etsy shop, to two new Etsians.
I say new because they have no shops set up, zero feedback, zero purchases.

I always welcome those new to Etsy and I wish checkout would not be so confusing to them. My new customer's are not aware that they have to also pay for the items through Ebay.
I politely sent convos and emails, to cover my bases, and tried to explain the process, but have yet to receive responses. Tonight, just about 24 hours have their purchases, I decided to send invoices direct through paypal to them.
Hopefully, this will do the trick.

I am wondering, how long I should wait for a response?

Any advise???



9 Responses to "Etsy checkout confusing to New Etsy buyers"
  1. trentongal said...
    August 9, 2008 at 11:05 PM

    maybe they are away for the a bit patient!

  2. Silver Canyons said...
    August 10, 2008 at 12:38 AM

    yeah...I know, not one of my strongest qualities! LOL!!

  3. Art for Hair said...
    August 10, 2008 at 12:25 PM

    I've not had that happen, but some of my hairsticks I offer in different lengths, and ask the buyer to tell me what length they require, so I can make and send their stick. Once the buyer did not tell me, and I asked repeatedly for a week, getting worried about what I would send if she didn't ever tell me what she wanted. Anyway, after a week she replied and apologised, saying she had hadn't had time to go online and telling me the length. Don't worry just yet, but I hope they pay soon!

  4. Harmony said...
    August 10, 2008 at 1:48 PM

    I agree - if they placed the order during the week, give them at least one extra week-day.
    Hope it works out quickly for you! Congrats on the sales :)

  5. PurrPrints said...
    August 10, 2008 at 2:37 PM

    I had this happen once before--turned out the woman who had ordered had her husband go into the hospital the following day, so I didn't hear back form her for like a week--you never know what the cause is; I did have more luck reaching her through regular email than via etsy though. Just be super-friendly whenever you contact them, and don't contact them more than once a week--if it's an item you have more of, go ahead and relist it so it doesn't hold back your store. Good luck!

  6. RadicallyRiley said...
    August 11, 2008 at 7:41 AM

    I've had this happen as well. I just contacted the person and asked if they had hit the pay now button to pay. They said they had. I told them they would then get a receipt from paypal. They then realized they had not completed payment and did so promptly. Its been a while since I did a regular purchase on Etsy, but it seems to me that if a person has chosen to pay by paypal there is no reason to not require payment on the spot as part of the order completion. That way they know immedediately that they have completed all the steps correctly.

    Another thing I have a little problem with is the fact that customers must join ETSY before making a purchase. I'm sure this puts off many potential customers. By joining they fear getting spam etc. I think many people might like to try out making a couple of purchases before they decide to set up an account to make checkout quicker.

  7. Pam Hawk said...
    August 14, 2008 at 11:57 AM

    Same problem, here, and I don't think my buyer is checking her convos.

    Since I've got her mailing address, I sent her a little postcard, thanking her for her order and letting her know it's packed up and ready to ship. I also invited her to contact me if she would like help using paypal.

    I just sent it out, so hopefully that will get a response.
    Good luck to you with this!

  8. Laarni said...
    August 18, 2008 at 12:17 PM

    I think ETSY sends email notifications, right?

    Well, they are noooobs. Mehh. :p

  9. Silver Canyons said...
    August 19, 2008 at 9:24 AM

    Laarni, actually they do not send emal notifications. But that would be a great idea!


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