Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Camera Purchase

Well, it happened. After 4 good years, my Canon Powershot A80 finally kicked the bucket. Of course, at the most inopportune moment.
I had finished up with over 7 design pieces last weekend. By Sunday night, I set up the light tent, ready to rock-n-roll with pictures taking and all intentions of posting new items on my website and etsy store.
An hour into taking these photos, I decided to transfer the pics from the camera to the computer and work some magic, getting everything listed. To my disgust....every picture had a very pink overlay to them! I just couldn't understand what was going on so I thought maybe the batteries were going. I put a fresh set in, confident this was the problem and continued on, re-taking pictures for another hour. Not a good move! I should have checked the first couple on the computer instead of re-taking all of them because the same situation happened.
Photoshop, Picasa...nothing could help these photos - believe me, I spent many hours trying.
So, as of last night, I am the proud owner of a new camera. And not just any,no,no! This purchase was not for point and shoot this time, but for a BEAUTIFUL entry level Digital SLR! I am so excited and scared because I am sure many hours are needed for a learning curve with this type of camera. However I am assured this camera is going to take some amazing photos!!
The camera is Sony Alpha 200.
(picture courtesy of Steve's Digicam website, where his awesome review sold me on this camera!)
I am not planning on purchasing any additional lenses until I get the hang of using this puppy! Wish me luck everyone!



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