Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am a victim of postal theft :(

I have been waiting, just shy of three weeks for my order from Shiana which had approximately $150.00 worth of toggles and beads. Today, I receive and package, ripped up the middle and completely empty. Of course, stamped by my post office with "received without contents". Another stamp, "received in bad condition". I have no idea at what point the items went missing but I am just disgusted with the fact that there are people out there, getting something for nothing at other people's expense. That comment sounds so naive - it's just that I like to see the good in people and it seems to get harder everyday to do that!
In any event, I emailed Shiana - let's hope I have some recourse. I am so completely upset over this. It's hard enough getting this business off the ground and this happens. ARGGGG!!



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