Wednesday, April 9, 2008


One particular area of jewelry designing that I adore is chainmaille. There are still a couple of weaves that I just cannot master but I am not giving up, those being the Half Persian 3 in 1 and the Half Persian 4 in 1. I understand the concept and can visualize what I have to do. I just can't get the rings stationary to begin the weave. I think my next step will be to try taping the first few rings down on my bench block and see how that goes.
However, I had no problem completing a full Persian (go figure!). Well, maybe a little bit. After spending the better half of Saturday morning, computing the aspect ratio's issue and what ring sizes I needed,  I decided to go with 20 gauge, 4mm rings. Not the smartest move....darn those rings are small! But I actually got it pretty quick, with the minor issues of jump ring projectile flying from my pliers....all I can say is thank god for my magnifying glasses to protect my eyes! I should have a bracelet up with this weave, this weekend.
I also attempted a Jen's Pind weave, this weekend with 18 gauge, 2.75mm rings. I actually picked this up, only after staring at the tutorials on my computer screen working simultaneously with my rings. This is a very pretty weave too and hopefully I can complete a bracelet with this, this weekend as well.



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